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Coaching Plans

Surf Coaching


Coaching Plans

Surf Coaching


Coaching Plans


Private Lessons


“Short lesson” $100 for 1hour 

  • 1 hour lesson - all inclusive and complete instruction

  • Private Malibu surf spot exclusivity

  • All equipment provided (wetsuits, boards, etc.)

  • Photos included upon request

  • 1.5 hour extensive standard lesson upgrade option, simply add on at check out

  • Good for all ages & skill levels

  • No swimming ability required

  • We offer the popular 3 lesson package! (highly recommended to get to the next level)

  • $100 for 1 person

  • $90 per 2 ppl

  • $80 per 3 ppl

  • $70 per 4 ppl

  • $60 per 5 or more ppl

    Standard lesson (recommended)

  • All of the above but more! (i.e. learn to turn, try different boards, ect)

  • (simply add on at check out)

  • $120 for 1 person

  • $110 per 2 ppl

  • $100 per 3 ppl

  • $90 per 4 ppl

  • $80 per 5 ppl or more

  • Reserve the Stingray exclusive lesson option!! Pro Surfer and Legendary Malibu Local

  • *Inquire about our exclusive film package- photos and drone footage!!!

3 and 6 Lesson packages! 

          25% off your third lesson for each person!

  • Highly recommended to really get you on your way

  • Dial in board control fundamentals

  • Learn to turn

  • An array of boards on offer

  • video analysis

  • Different surf spots included (wave dependent)

  • 6 lesson package, the 6th is half off! Go to different local surf spots! For those who really want to become a pro!


Advanced Coaching

If you're interested in taking your surfing to the next level - whether for fun or in order to compete - then we do provide the advanced coaching you'll need to succeed.  We show up to your preferred Malibu surf spot.  (no equipment included)

$100 1 hour 1 on 1

$150 2 hour 1 on 1

Southern California Surf Guide

For our exclusive "Southern California Surf Guide" program, contact us for more details.


How We Teach

Surf Coaching

How We Teach

Surf Coaching

Four Core Principles

These principles guide how we surf and how we teach.

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1: seek to UNderstand the ocean

The ocean has so much to offer. One of the benefits of spending hours on the water, is getting to deepen our understanding of the ocean and learning everything she has to teach.

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2: A good life is a healthy life

We believe a good life is about growth and when you're healthy you can push yourself to your full potential and surprise yourself with how much you can grow.

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3: surfing should always be fun

Many of our students come to us because they want to go into the competitive scene. Even then, we try to make sure they never forget that at its essence, surfing is all about having fun.

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4: A humble surfer is a safe surfer

Mother ocean has her bad days. We teach with patience and humility so our surfers learn to stay safe - whether they're with us - or on their own.

[Chris] is great dude who I always enjoy surfing with and trust to keep me safe out on the water… I 100% trust that if he cancels a lesson or changes the location that he is doing it for my safety and with my best surfing interest in mind
— Traci C.